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Integrated Operations Center, (IOC) Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

The Integrated Operations Center (IOC) is a 40,000-SF Mission critical facility. Located in the Southgate Plaza area of the airport, the project enhances the Airport’s operational readiness in responding to airport performance and emergency issues. The facility houses personnel from over 23 agencies and departments including the FAA, TSA, CBP, NOAA, TxDOT, Airport Operations, Emergency Operations, Department of Public Safety/911, Facilities Maintenance, Energy Transportation and Asset Management (ETAM) and American Airlines. The facility consists of an open office environment containing workstations on a raised access floor providing oversight viewing of surrounding work areas. A dual feed power and communication network including uninterruptable power systems with generator backup is provided to ensure reliability and redundancy to maintain full facility functionality during power outage.


The IOC serves as a single contact point to centralize communications for DFW’s passengers, guests, tenants, employees, and contractors and is the coordination center that provides situational awareness needed to manage Airport resources efficiently and effectively during any disruption of critical Airport service and situations that require large-scale emergency response. The facility was designed to comply with DFW Urban Design Guidelines and the DFW Southgate Plaza Development Guidelines and Criteria as applicable to landscaping, exterior building shell design, material, and appearance and exterior signage.


  • Premise Distribution System (PDS)

  • Voice and Data Network

  • Wi-Fi

  • Electronic Visual Information Display Systems (EVIDS)

  • Audio/Visual (A/V)

  • Outside Plant System (OSP)

  • Access Control System (ACS)

  • Video Surveillance

  • Public Address/Voice Evacuation System (PA/VE)

  • Fire Protection

​• Design Narrative
• System Design
• Construction Documents
• Construction Phase Services
IOC Open Ops Center from above.jpg

James Steinkamp Photograph

IOC Exterior.jpg

Owner: DFW International Airport

Client: EXP Services, Inc.

Estimated Construction Cost: $31M

Estimated Completion Date: April 2021

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