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Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Terminal Renewal and Improvement Program (DFW TRIP)—DFW Airport, TX

DFW’s TRIP was a nine-year program renovating the four original terminals, A, B, C, and E. Moye Consulting was retained to plan, design and administer upgrades to IT infrastructure and systems across the Airport. Complex planning and phasing were necessary to prevent IT systems outages in these terminal buildings, which remained fully operational during construction. This program of extensive renovations and replacements to operating terminal facilities provided some unique challenges. Maintaining each building tenant’s existing IT infrastructure throughout the phased construction of new IT spaces and pathways was critical. Managing the orderly migration to the new (or newly renovated) spaces, cabling, and network electronics as they became available was essential, as operational IT systems often had to have been maintained while HVAC, electrical and cabling systems that feed those spaces were replaced or renewed. Moye Consulting’s tenure with Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and the firm’s presence on all TRIP design teams provided a continuity of knowledge and informed systems coordination that spanned multiple Airport departments and dozens of projects, some of which were completed on a different schedule.​

DFW TRIP Option 2[922].jpg
  • Premise Distribution System (PDS)

  • Wi-Fi


  • Common Use Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS)

  • Master Antenna Television (MATV)

  • UHF/VHF Radio

  • Access Control System (ACS) (Terminals B and E)

  • Video Surveillance (Terminals B and E)

  • Duress Alarm (Terminals B and E)

  • Aircraft Docking (Terminal B)

  • Survey and Documentation

  • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Planning and Estimating

  • Demolition/System Design Documents

  • Risk Mitigation Phasing Analysis (for six phases of construction)

  • Construction Documents

  • Construction Phase Services

Owner: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport 
Client: DMJM/EJES JV - AECOM (Terminals B and E), Jacobs Engineering Group (Terminal A)
Construction Cost: $1.78 billion 
Completion Date: January 2018
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