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Central Texas College Smart Classrooms—Killeen, TX

Moye Consulting worked with the Central Texas College District (CTCD) to create 24 “smart” classrooms that provide updated classrooms with turn-key, scalable equipment, including projectors and sound systems. The program provided Buildings 104 and 121 with $350,000 of technology upgrades, enhancing classroom learning environments and making technology more accessible for instructors and students. Building 104, with 43,000 SF, was constructed in 1967 and was last remodeled more than 20 years ago. Building 121, with 33,000 SF, was constructed in 1975 and had never been renovated or remodeled. The program also included interior updates and new furniture along with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work.


As part of the design team, Moye Consulting prepared design construction documents for horizontal data infrastructure (cabling/pathways) upgrades for all areas in Buildings 104 and 121, and A/V pathway infrastructure for all classroom renovations in Buildings 104 and 121. Network and audio/visual electronics were specified and provided by the Owner.

The two buildings are composed primarily of concrete masonry unit (CMU) block wall construction, which required additional coordination during the raceway installation. Due to the age of the facilities – 1967 and 1975 – numerous hard ceilings were in place, which made retrofitting the cable plant extremely challenging.

“I’ve worked with Moye Consulting for over 10 years on aviation and higher education projects. One of the things I appreciate most about the company is their willingness and ability to tailor their designs and services to meet the varied needs of our clients. I can rely on Jan and her staff to be flexible during design and come up with innovative approaches to meeting the challenges of our projects.”
-Allen McRee, AIA, Group Manager Architecture, Freese and Nichols, Inc.

Owner: Central Texas College District

Client: Freese & Nichols

Construction Cost: $5.8 Million

Completion Date: 2010


  • 3D/BIM Design and Coordination

  • Construction Documents

  • Construction Phase Services


  • Horizontal Data Infrastructure

  • Audio/Visual Systems

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